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Unfortunately, no German brand has been able to cultivate a global following; there is no German beer among the world top 20. Much of this stems from limited marketing, supply constraints and the small size of the breweries. This is slowly changing.

Overall, global equities trade on a Cape ratio of 18.4 and a book value of 1.8. Unsurprisingly, developed markets are much cheaper than emerging markets on both metrics, although developed European indices appear reasonably priced, cheap jerseys sporting an average Cape ratio of 14.7 and a price book ratio of 1.7. The once fashionable Brics (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are now very much unloved, trading on a lowly Cape ratio of 10.5 and a book value of 1.3..

In essence it is a very simple strategy, there a lot of work that goes into the fundamental names and into the aggregation of the risk. But ultimately what we try and do is we provide a very balanced portfolio that fits very well within a multi asset class mandate and it gives a lot of our clients a very good level of diversification because we target the 30 to 50 delta range, we have a good exposure to implied volatility which has to have a diversifying benefit within our multi asset class portfolio. Do you strike out the companies that you don want to invest in and run the quantitative model on that or do you have a model that generates names and you decide from them based on your fundamental research.