This time last week. . . All about the Second City Signing 2015

This time last week. . . My news feed has been full of those words today and it reminded me that I still had to write up my ‘review’ of the Second City Signing that took place in Birmingham last weekend. The reason for the delay? Writing this means it’s truly over and I wanted to ride the buzz for as long as possible.

So, this time last week, what was I doing? Officially, I was there as assistant to M.B. Feeney, unofficially I was fangirling over awesome authors and, don’t judge me, I was most definitely drooling over the beauties from Uncovered Models. I was in awe of Cassie and her volunteers for getting everything organised and I was ready for some serious literary fun.

This time last week we had arrived early, beating the big yellow fun bus and had already laid out the swag and what nots that my lovely author had with her and we were waiting patiently for the first to arrive. Compared to some of the authors I’ve spoken to since, I think M.B. Feeney was perhaps the least stressed of them all, which of course left us time for photos and selfies galore.


And so, this time last week was when I abandoned my author for the first time. I was shocking as an assistant, spending more time gathering swag for the blog than actually assisting my author. It was my first time at an event like this and I really could have done with another hour or two so I could have spoken to all the authors properly, rather than doing a quick grab and go with my swag and shooting a quick selfie on the way last! I vanished to go round the Legends Lounge first. The biggest room on the day, and playing host to some super authors, to say I was excited was beyond stupid, I was ecstatic to meet some of the authors I had been speaking to on Facebook, or arranged promo events for, in the flesh. And it did not disappoint. I talked, I joked, I collected swag, it all seemed to be going fab. Cue a quick bit of ‘assistant’ work when I returned to the table. . .

Being the dreadful assistant I was on the day, I abandoned my author once more to take a stroll to the Boardroom where I met yet more awesome authors and collected more swag. Do you see the theme of my day? This room had a completely different feel to it, being smaller and more intimate, it felt like a calming influence after the crazy buzz in the Legends Lounge. After doing my networking and finally meeting Nicola C. Priest (I’ve been talking to this lovely for months, the bug was SO needed!) I had to do my assistant bit and return to check on my author. Good job too, by this point she’d nearly cleared out of swag and was in definite need of a quick break.


As time ticked on, I began to get anxious I wouldn’t get around the two rooms upstairs. After refreshments provided by the fabulous volunteers I decided to make a break for it, and boy was I glad I did. There was a definite buzz upstairs, different again from that of the other two rooms, but awesome all the same. I’ll apologise now for being an idiot and not remembering the names of these rooms, but they were fabulous all the same. More authors, more swag, more fun. Apologies to those of you who I kind of just grabbed swag and photos and ran from, it was nothing personal, but I was on a mission by this point to get M.B. Feeney’s photo book signed, and collect all of my swag packs too. Of course, I did get distracted by the models and spent a little while longer in that room. Don’t judge me though, they were stunning, and a girl has to appreciate beauty like that! My only regret here was not getting in the middle of them and having a photo, but never fear, I’ll make a beeline for you at the next event!

Heading back downstairs, I assisted my author more sensibly for the last hour or so, taking photos with readers, encouraging people to buy her books and just generally doing what I could to be a hand. When we started packing up for the day, I had a strange feeling of sadness and excitement. I was sad the whole signing part of the day was over, but I was excited to see these authors get their groove on. And it was then that the night really started, with road trips in Birmingham, food and getting ready in a hotel room and then walking down Broad Street with Pochahontas, Veruca Salt, Tris and me, Daisy Duke, to find a McDonald’s that didn’t exist. Finally fed and watered, we headed for the party, and it was AWESOME. We danced, we sang, we got all hot and sweaty throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor and we people watched for hours – I have so many character ideas now, so thanks guys and gals! I remember dancing the last dance and thinking, ‘why does this day have to end?’ But end it did, and it was phenomenal.

This time last week was my first author signing, and I had my cherry popped in the best way possible.

This time last week I met so many wonderful people and I can’t wait to get to know them all better.

This time last week I was buzzing with energy and love for this crazy literary world, and the buzz stayed for days after.

This time last week I was surrounded by some of the most talented, beautiful and friendly people you could ever hope to meet.

This time last week was AWESOME.

So, when are we doing it again?

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