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Would you risk everything you thought you knew about yourself if it meant saving everyone you love?

In this thrilling debut novel, sixteen-year-old Eden Huntleigh and her family live within the district of Empyrean. Under the rule of The Renegades, and their tyrant leader Cesar, every aspect of life is controlled. Streets are patrolled by humanoid Enforcers. Necessities are rationed. Disobedience is not tolerated.

When Eden receives an omen, and joins a group of Rebels led by the alluring Leo Dillon, her life begins to unravel.

Just as the Rebels are beginning to understand what they are capable of Cesar has kidnapped their families forcing them to strike before they are ready. Once inside the Empyrean palace they discover the horror of what they are truly facing. Does Eden have what it takes to be the legend she was destined to be? Ready or not she’s about to find out..



Our rating – 4 Stars

A fresh look at a dystopian classic scenario, Echo Among Stars follows Eden as she learns the meaning behind a strange necklace and a mysterious connection to the past. Upon invitation to a secret society, she battles for changes in her world, but will she succeed?

This book was incredibly entertaining and very gripping. Within pages I was hooked into the story, enjoying the piecemeal way I learned of the Renegades and their mission alongside Eden, Jude and Millie. Morris has a new twist on the traditional dystopian concept of oppressive society, throwing a magical element into the mix. This is a clever move and really makes for engaging story telling.

Eden as a lead character is very entertaining. She is a tad dramatic and prone to exaggeration at times, but she is also a very insightful character at the same time. In contrast to Leo, she works brilliantly, and their connection was most enjoyable to see developing. Phoenix was a rogue, but a loveable one, and Teresa got my back up from the start, clearly I have the same insightful nature as Eden! On the whole though, Morris has created a very diverse and believable selection of characters who all have their own little part to play in plot development.

The story is also very well placed, flowing quite smoothly at a steady pace that leaves you enough time to soak up the events, but doesn’t dawdle. That said, there were occasions where I felt some points were over developed and others where time skipped a little too much, however they were not overly noticeable. The only other quibble I’d raise is the need for another quick check for consistency as some characters names were spelt differently and there were some minor typos and tense issues. Though visible, they didn’t detract from the story being told.

In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It’s a super little start to what promises to be a very engaging and exciting series. I am sure it will be one I will continue to enjoy as I add it to my watch list. And just one more thing, I hope you like a good cliff hanger! I sat with my mouth open for a good few minutes thinking what on earth is it ending there for!

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